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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

For World Down Syndrome Day in 2011, we made a video of Ace talking about her brother, his adoption, and Down syndrome. I had no idea that the video would get the attention that it did. And I have been so thankful for all of the responses and emails I have gotten from parents who have been encouraged by it. Parents from all over the world who have just received a Down syndrome diagnosis and say that seeing our video gave them so much hope and joy in a difficult time. Those messages make all of the hateful comments from the trolls more than worth it.

(If you haven't seen that video, here it is:)

Recently, the video started circulating again...and since it is so old, we thought we would make a new video to show Ace and Archie today. Archie did not have a lot of language and his speech was very unclear back then. It's a whole different story today. He has lots of words. All day long. The words don't actually ever stop. Whether I want them to or not. 

So without further adieu, Ace and Archie today:

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  1. One unstoppable duo, these two are. And now plus Radko! Ace and Archie's first World Down Syndrome Day video was the first look my 10-year-old sister had into what it was like being friends with kids who have special needs. After that example and others, she now "gets it" and has no hesitation loving on our cousin with severe good-lookingness-syndrome and an intellectual disability. That is seriously huge to us. Thank you for sharing, Eicher crew! Much love from Corpus Christi.

  2. Hello Lili, Ace and Archie. I just wanna tell you that i love watching your videos, you put a smile con my face everytime. I love how kind and cute Archie is; and Ace is so inteligent and gourgeos at the same time!! Kisses from PerĂº!! Caro.

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  4. I love it!!! Is there any way you can change the suggested videos at the end so there aren't (ahem) topless women?

  5. Love the update! Your first video was a huge encouragement to us as we decided to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Makes me cry everytime. It was so good for my older children to see also. So neat to see how much they have grown. Glad I found your blog! <3