mom syndrome vs. the "shay-tards"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Today is the national day when we focus on spreading the word to end the use of the "r" word so it seemed like a perfectly good day to us to start a little war.

You may have never heard of the Shay Carl family, we never had until we realized our kids were watching them on YouTube. They are apparently very over 3 million subscribers popular. Basically, they are just a normal family who do normal funny life stuff and post it on YouTube.

The problem we have is obviously the use of the word "tard' in their name, their nicknames for each other and their kids, and the fact that they sell merchandise with the word on it.

It isn't the whole word. We get it. And we know he claims it all started with his apparent love for unitards (we suggest he wear them more often if this is the case) and his concern for his kids safety on the internets but their full names are all over the internets now so that is apparently no longer an issue.

According to wikipedia (which is clearly always right because if it is on the internets it is true) Shay Carl is friends with some famous people like

Dave Ramsey (seriously Dave?)
Matt Damon
Charles Barkley
and I am sure the list goes on.

Here is what we want to do. We are calling Shay Carl out. We want him and his family to stop using any form of the "r" word. We realize that this word wasn't that big of a deal not too long ago, but it is now, and as parents of kids with special needs, we think it needs to stop. Will they respond? With your help I bet they will!! is where you come in: we need everyone in the special needs community to share. Share this post. Share our video on YouTube. Tweet at them and the other famous people that are their friends. 

Use #spreadthewordtoendtheword #shaycarl #shaytards and anything else creative you can come up with!

Tag. You're it!

Thanks for letting us share,


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